fast and colorful lists on your iphone or ipad

Lists with pictures - what a novel idea!

I've tried quite a few list-management apps and - to be honest - have mostly found them to be kind of boring. I wanted something with a little color, to make it easier for me to easily and quickly pick out one list from another. The same goes for when I'm working with a list, for example my grocery list. I wanted to be able to see what was in my list with less fuss and more fun.

The other problem I had with the list apps I tried is how much of a pain it could be to create and edit lists. I wanted something that was fast and easy. I wanted the app to remember the things I used in my lists, so I could re-use them in new lists later.

So - I created Pictlist (lists with pictures ;-).

So what does it look like?

Well - here are some screenshots:

When you create a new list, or add something to a list, Pictlist automatically uses Web image search to try and find a matching image, and saves the first match. If you want to pick another image you can do that anytime.

Other features:

Future Features:

If there is enough interest in the App I may develop new features as optional In App Purchases, to support future development.

Can I try it out?

You can get it free for iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 or 8.

Can I get support?

If you have any issues or feature requests please get in touch:

  Email: support@pictlist.com

Twitter: @pictlist